If You, If I could tell you
The longing that grew like hair
If you, If I could see you
Your two eyes that are darker than the night sky
If you were here, inside the films that I have lost up to now
If you were here, past all our memories
Fall, swim, maybe because your scent is strongly inputed
My emptiness has doubled that amount
What's the use of thinking about you after sending you away
I still have a lingering attachment, it still feels like a dream
I'll keep your empty spot empty
I wanna put back the greetings for now
I wanna wanna turn back the time we had
The memories that fall like the stars
If you could touch me
When I become tired from not being able to walk straight

Within the twinkling time, how nice would it be
if i could stay one more night
Even in my dreams

Like a story, like a lie
If we can meet again smiling
Even if we walk different roads, the time passes together
Even if the view we are looking at is different, we look at the same sky
Your color on the canvas we drew together
Has not been filled on this drawing
If I could see you
If I could laugh with you
Since this is a dream, if I could hold your hands
How good would it be, I wouldn't let go
I wanna put back the greetings for now
I wanna wanna go back to you tonight
The memories that are hard to hold like my breath
And it has turned into smoke
My eyes have been covered, I can't walk straight
If I can see you again at that time
If I can reach you, how good would it be
Even in my dreams
if i could stay one more night
Like a story, like a lie
If we can meet again smiling
If we can walk together one more time
I haven't forgotten your  beautiful voice
If I could
Your face with the smile
Is still vivid in my memories
If I could
I miss you I miss you 
I miss you so much
If I could, If I could turn back the time
Like a movie, back to your original place
If you were, if you were next to me
Like everything was a painful dream

translations by 7seas
please do not repost on twitter/blogs
please take out to other sites/translate to different languages with full credits


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